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Alma Radio Is the only structured FM radio station in the New Haven City, CT And The most powerful tool in the The community of Speaking and the Christian family.


Establish a media of high socio-spiritual impact for the preaching of the Word of God, Social content, national and international and communal news and programs of Action Social to the Community Etc....


Set the first station Christian FM and Tv Of New Haven, ConnectiCut across the WEB, IPTV and ROKU to the universe and found A group of Christian media that impacts state, national and worldBased on the community in total and the family Christian The good testimony and the principles and values of God. Influence and impact the lives of millions of families in our Status and The world with integrity and love to Through Effective communication and excellent.
Be a different voice for All the Christians in our state.


Integrity Unity, work, faith, hope, Love and Mercy


General objective:

  • Responding to the need for Unit Of the Evangelica church in Connecticut Based on Our media and lay the foundations for a transformation PartnerSpiritual in the ATMOSFState era.  that the Bible Be the CI enter from social conception and spiritual formation of our community and state.
  • Raise the KnowledgePopulation In All of the Sectors To raise awareness of the individual responsibility of United States and the armonmia of Christ, so Conviertirnos In Agents of Change for the CommunityIs And The Society in general through the preaching of the Gospel in an integrated way.

Objectives Specific:

  • Provide Initiatives of high socio-spiritual impact For Achieve A true integration and transformation in the families and the state of Connecticut.
  • Create the necessary and appropriate conditions for that every year Operate in an effective and excellent way our radio station persevering Until Christ comes back.