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About Us

Our Nation was created under Fundamentals, values and Christian principles that have given shape To The atmosphere so familiar that For generations we have lived in our homes. EPsychicMind This Contemporary generation is losing the essence of that foundation, Which is eroding the base of Our Values and principles, Being replaced by anti-values that penetrate any barrier of moral containment And parenting families in the name of freedom. Es for that reason that children, Girls, teenagers, youth and adults Of all classes has as a common denominator violence, rebellion, drugs, disrespectEtc. 

Every society is influenced by the media, and it is this influence that is shaping the thought and actions of each Community For good o For evil, for that reason is imperative the need for our

Community of Faith have a station of healthy principles and values that preach the word on time and out of time. We can stay with our hands crossed Is ourTRA Civic Responsibility Work for families to be subtractedUradas under God's favor.

The importance of putting God first will always be Vital Before the battle Moral That we face in our nation, We must achieve means of communication that Desintoxiquen Our society. United we can do it.

The More radical social ambitions All over the world have happened as a result of inIciativas of high spiritual impact, The project Alma Radio is an initiative designed In the sky to impact the spiritual atmosphere of Connecticut, United States and the universe. Our vision is to reach the heart of families: If we have families in Peace We will have a nation in Peace, if we have families Transformed we will have a transformed nation.

This great project in all its structure is oriented In a general and specific way Towards the socio-spiritual impact:

  • Reach Person To Person,
  • Family Outreach,
  • Outreach,
  • State Outreach,
  • National and Universal Scope Via web, 

To achieve this purpose we have developed a Program of Sowers For that we Allow Raise the funds needed to make this great dream.

You can be a great member of our Sower Club.